Lymphoedema can be successfully treated using radial shockwaves, encouraging uptake of fluid into the lymph vessels. Patients usually experience relief over a period of weeks post treatment.

The main roles of the lymphatic system include maintaining fluid levels, filtering bacteria & white blood cell storage crucial to the body’s ability to fight infection.

Secondary lymphoedema is most commonly caused by lymph node removal or damage due to cancer treatment or surgery. It can also be caused by trauma and tissue damage, venous disease, immobility and Filariasis (parasitic worms transmitted through mosquito bite)

Blockage of the lymphatic vessels and accumulation of protein rich fluid results in swelling/ fluid retention, usually in an arm or leg.


  • The affected area feels heavy.

  • The skin feel tight and close to bursting.

  • Swelling and aching.

  • Skin feels hotter than other areas

  • Pins and needles.

  • Painful joints.

  • Darting pains.


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