Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel Syndrome can be successfully treated using radial soundwaves which use repetitive stimulation to the area to promote a healing process resulting in reduction in swelling.

Patients usually see a gradual decrease in their symptoms over a period of weeks post treatment.

The carpal tunnel protects structures such as the Median nerve and tendons as they traverse up and down from the hand. A large band of strong ligaments called the Transverse carpal ligaments stretches across the palm of the hand attaching at the carpal bones either side of the palm.

The carpal bones form a tunnel through which the median nerve and other structures run. 

If swelling occurs within the tunnel the median nerve can become compressed e.g after injury.

If structures within the tunnel enlarge pressure on the nerve can be increased.

Anything that causes swelling inside the tunnel can cause carpal tunnel syndrome but is often caused by repetitive hand movements, pregnancy and arthritis.  Heredity and size of the tunnel can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Tingling & Numbness in fingers or palm of hand

  • Pins and needles in thumb or index and middle fingers most commonly

  • Pain particularly at night

  • Hand pain/aching/burning sensations

  • Weakness or cramps

  • Loss of strength in hand with time.

  • Eventual atrophy (shrinkage) of thumb muscles can occur longer term.

We usually require an x-ray to have been performed prior to treatment. This is to check that there are no other bony or soft tissue problems that may be causing the pain.


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