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Quadriceps Tendonitis

What is Quadriceps Tendonitis? 


Quadriceps tendonitis, also known as quadriceps tendinopathy, occurs at the top of the knee cap where the quadriceps muscles attach to the bone.



  • Pain and tenderness on the top of the knee cap.

  • Pain develops gradually over time.



Quadriceps tendonitis is often a result of repetitive movements - like jumping or kneeling. This overuse leads to tiny tears, which cause pain and swelling. The injury often affects active sports players, in games such as volleyball and basketball. However, any active person can develop quadriceps tendonitis . The risk increases if you suddenly increase your levels of effort.



Quadriceps tendonitis is a common problem that can be successfully treated using focused shockwaves with ultrasound guidance during treatment, to stimulate a healing response. Patients will usually experience a gradual decrease in pain over a period of around 10 weeks following treatment.

We usually require an x-ray to have been performed prior to treatment. This is to check that there are no other bony or soft tissue problems that may be causing the pain.


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In-depth Information

During contraction of the quadriceps, tension is put through the quadriceps tendon. If this is excessive or repetitive, damage can occur. Overuse causes pain, tissue damage and inflammation where it inserts on the top of the knee cap. Calcium can also deposit in the tendon as a result of injury. It can also be caused by a direct blow to the area.

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