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Wide Range of Services

QLS has a variety of methods of helping painful, inflammatory and limiting conditions - so you can get back to doing the things that mean a lot to you as soon as possible

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Focused Shockwave therapy

Tendon injuries, pain and inflammation often lends itself to focused shockwave therapy, and in combination with ultrasound guidance for visualisation, an exact treatment can be applied at the optimal depth.

Radial Shockwave therapy

Each patient and their condition is unique; and although QLS' specialisation is focused shockwave therapy, often with Ultraound guidance for accuracy, radial shockwave therapy is very effective for a range of conditions, such as lymphoedema or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ultrasound Guidance and Precision

Seeing is believing: QLS' distinct combination of equipment includes high resolution ultrasound, enabling unparalleled clarity of where the underlying issues are to focus treatment for the most effect.

20 Years of Experience

We have treated over 5000 patients with varying conditions. For a large proportion of these patients they have already tried many other options prior to coming for treatment at QLS, such as anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, orthotics, strapping, stretches etc to no avail. 

Shockwaves are our only specialisation

Your treatment is not done in conjunction with any other treatment. It is a dedicated lithotripsy treatment.

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