Triceps tendonitis

What is triceps tendontis? 

It is a condition in which there is inflammation in the triceps tendon causing pain in the back of the elbow.

What causes triceps tendontis? 

The triceps passes behind the shoulder joint and ends at the back of the forearm after crossing the back surface of the elbow. Repetitive use or strain can injure the tendon. This injury is followed by degeneration and inflammation. The trauma can also be sudden during a large exertion.

Triceps tendonitis is the rarest injury in the elbow area, and is mainly due to overuse syndrome. Tendonitis can occur patients of all ages, mostly affects men,  and even more so in weight lifters, throwing athletes and soccer players. It is also seen in sports such as off-road mountain biking, motorcycle riding and jumping (that require quick triceps contraction).

What are the symptoms of triceps tendontis? 

  • Pain. Increased sensitivity and pain down the length of the tendon, or localised pain on the back of the elbow.

  • Weakness. During activities which require the elbow extension.

  • Swelling. Less common than pain and weakness, it's possible that there's swelling around the elbow.

How is triceps tendontis treated? 

There are several approaches to treating this tendonitis, including: 

  • Medications (pain relief) 

  • Splints (restrict movement) 

  • Shockwave therapy or lithotripsy (reduce pain, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and non-invasive) 

What shouldn’t you do about painful triceps tendontis? 

  • Don't continue to strain or overuse the affected elbow (minimise use if at all possible)

  • Don't delay health professional involvement 

    • Contact QLS - all phone calls are free and one of our team can let you know if we can help - with no commitment from you until you’re ready 

Additional Information 

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