Hamstring Tendonitis – Proximal

Proximal hamstring tendonitis is a common problem that can be successfully treated using focused soundwaves with ultrasound guidance during treatment, to stimulate a healing response.

Patients will usually experience a gradual decrease in pain over a period of around 10 weeks following treatment. 

The 3 hamstring muscles are located at the back of the thigh and are responsible for moving you forward.

  • The semimembranous muscle

  • The semitendinosus muscle

  • The biceps femoris


  • Deep pain at the site of the Ischial tuberosity or deep posterior upper thigh pain.

  • Pain comes on gradually and may be aggravated by repetitive activity

  • Pain with activity

  • Pain increases over time

  • Deep pain on sitting.

We usually require an x-ray to have been performed prior to treatment. This is to check that there are no other bony or soft tissue problems that may be causing the pain.


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