Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow

This is usually found where the tendon attaches to the bone on either side of the elbow.

Tennis elbow is the most common and is found along the top of the elbow at or near the bony prominence felt if the arm is bent and resting on a surface,
Golfers elbow is found underneath along the bottom of the elbow on or close to the knobbly part of the bone.

Site of injury is commonly where the tendon attaches the muscles of the arm to these bony areas.

Tennis and Golfers elbow can be seen commonly in people using the arms repetitively in sport eg motorbike riders, or gripping sports like tennis, fencing or in people who use their arms a lot with their daily work eg painters, builders.

It is very common in the dominant arm but can occur in the non- dominant arm occasionally.

It may be the result of damaged muscle tissues that flex or extend your wrist and fingers or degenerative changes in the muscle tissue at the bony insertion. Injury is usually at the site where the muscles attach to the bone.

Some chronic Golfers elbow conditions are associated with degenerative changes in the muscle tissue located at the medial epicondyle.

Symptoms typically include:

  • Pain experienced when gripping i.e cleaning teeth, shaking hands with someone or holding a coffee cup.

  • Pain on palpation of bony prominence.

  • Pain up or down the arm.

We usually require an x-ray to have been performed prior to treatment. This is to check that there are no other bony or soft tissue problems that may be causing the pain.

It may show the presence of calcium deposits which develop as a result of the injury. They are not usually the cause of the pain.


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