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Conditions Treated

Not sure what's sore? The conditions QLS sees the most often are overlaid an image of a person below to help narrow it down.

Body Map (May 2021).png

List of Conditions by Body Area (Top to Bottom) 

Click or tap any of the conditions to see their full outline - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and In-Depth Information for the curious 

Shoulders and Upper Arms 

Lower Arms and Hands 


Hips and Upper Legs 

Lower Legs and Feet 

  • Shin Splints - pain along the front and/or inside of the shin

  • Achilles Tendontis - aching heels, sometimes red/inflamed heels, which can extend upwards causing tight calves 

  • Plantar Fasciitis - sore feet along the base of the foot, sometimes into the arch of the foot 

Many Areas


* Please note that some conditions are only treated at our Brisbane clinic at the moment - when you contact QLS this will be discussed if relevant 

Visiting because of kidney stones (renal calculus or nephrolith)?

Lithotripsy is an effective treatment for this as well. 

Whilst QLS doesn't provide this treatment, we recommend contacting Eastcoast Mobile Urology to learn more about their treatment options.

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