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Myofascial pain syndrome - New and Updated Summary


QLS is going through all the Conditions treated by our lithotripsy shockwaves and providing a summary plus in-depth detailing on each - so whatever your interest there will be something for every reader! Check out the new Myofascial pain syndrome page and learn more - and if you're experiencing this condition make sure to contact us to see how QLS can help. Myofascial pain syndrome (better known as Trigger Points) is a chronic pain condition. It is characterised by a few localised trigger points in the taut ropey bands of the muscles. These trigger points are tender and can produce local pain. QLS' shockwave therapies relax the muscles, improves blood flow and shockwave treatment has been found particular effective at increasing mobility and reducing stiffness, and sometimes works as a pain relieving therapy in its own right.

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