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Rotator Cuff (Shoulder) Tendonitis - New and Updated Summary


QLS is going through all the Conditions treated by our lithotripsy shockwaves and providing a summary plus in-depth detailing on each - so whatever your interest there will be something for every reader!

Check out the new Rotator Cuff (Shoulder) Tendonitis page and learn more - and if you're experiencing this condition make sure to contact us to see how QLS can help.

Also spelled Rotator Cuff tendinitis, this shoulder tendontitis usually has a slow onset of discomfort and pain in the upper shoulder or arm and/or difficulty sleeping on the shoulder. It can be caused by repetitive trauma e.g. gym work, swimming or overuse injuries. It can also be caused by a one off traumatic episode where the shoulder takes a sudden impact. Shoulder tendinitis with or without calcification is very successfully treated using focused shockwaves with ultrasound guidance during treatment.

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